Protective construction Tools & Equipment

When working on a construction site, there are many risks to your health and safety, meaning that there are legar requiremetns in place that an employer or contracter must adhere to by law.

Chemical Storage

When working onsite, chemicals and flammable materials must be kept away from naked flames and sources of heat. They must also be kept away from each other to avoid cross contamination and reduce the risks of spillages & corrosion.

Fuel may also need to be stored on site in the form of a bunded fuel tank or heating oil tank. This must be treated as a harmful and dangerous chemical due to its flammable nature.

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In a situation where these chemicals need to be transported, mobile storage solutions need to be sourced. This often means using smaller containers or large containers with wheels. For wheeled storage solutions, it is ideal for the surface to be as smooth and risk free as possible. This may involve creating a road or track out of aluminium floor mats.

Tool Storage

Tool storage is ideal for valuable equipment and in some cases machinery. Most contractors will use thier vans to store tools an equipment, however this is at a great risk. It is much safer to keep this type of equipment in onsite storage that is secure and well protected.

Work Wear

Wearing the correct work wear on a construction site is of vital importance to health and safety. Clothing must be flame retardant and resistant to tears, and propper hand, face & head protection must be worn at all times whilst on site, regardless of the tool or machinery being operated.